The Garden

Bask in Quirkiness at The Mailman's Al Fresco Extravaganza!

Welcome to our not-so-secret garden oasis at The Mailman’s, where Mother Nature meets merry-making, and your seat is always the comfiest in the house—err, garden!

Picture this: a beautiful private garden adorned with an array of seating options that’ll make your bum feel like it’s on vacation. Benches here, there, and everywhere—because life’s too short for just one sitting style! Want to be in the thick of the high street action? Front-row seats with heaters await, where you can sip, nibble, and people-watch like a seasoned pro.

But wait, there’s more! Behold our exclusive garden pods—your own slice of private paradise, nestled amidst the greenery. They’re like little cocoons of joy, and guess what? They’re absolutely free to use! First come, first served—because fairness is our middle name. However, if you’re the planning type (or just really, really like pods), ring us at 02380 28 4196, and we’ll reserve your pod for a VIP garden experience.

And sports enthusiasts, fear not! We’ve got not one, but two large TVs strategically placed in the garden. No need to choose between soaking up the sun and catching the game—we’ve got your multitasking needs covered.

But hold onto your sun hats, because the real kicker is our soon-to-be-unleashed outside bar, making its grand debut in the summer of 2024! It’s not just a bar; it’s a concoction of quirkiness and refreshment served with a side of sunshine.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your outdoor escapades to a whole new level of whimsy, pop by The Mailman’s and dive into our garden extravaganza. Because life is too short for dull moments, and every sip under the open sky should come with a sprinkle of quirk. See you in the garden, where the only thing we take seriously is the joy of the extraordinary! Cheers to sunshine, laughter, and the quirky escape that awaits at The Mailman’s!