Eat, Drink, Stay in a real pub in the heart of the New Forest.

Welcome to the Mailmans at Lyndhurst which has recently been renovated. We are a quirky pub offering quirky food in Lyndhurst High Street within the New Forest national Park. Our interior has been recently decorated using furniture and accessories from the High Street which showcases how vibrant our High Street is and what it offers. You can shop in style, browse your next Ferrari, or watch the world go by outside the Mailmans. We offer a sociable space to watch all sporting events. Socialise with Friends and Family including of course your four-legged friends. A place to Eat , Drink, Stay and Meet

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Introducing The Mailman's Arms: Where Quirk Meets Cheers in Lyndhurst, Hampshire!

Welcome to The Mailmans at Lyndhurst, that has recently been renovated, a traditional pub New Forest National Park on Lyndhurst’s bustling high street. The Mailmans is part of the Steree Pub Co Next door to the amazing Ferrari Garage. 

 A place to eat and drink and stay in our vibrant and traditional pub. Situated in the perfect location to either shop in style or explore the vast countryside. 

Designed for those longing for an escape with the company of friends, family and of course your furry four-legged friends. A place to Eat, Drink, Stay and Meet new friends.

But it’s not just the decor that makes The Mailman‘s a standout spot; it’s the spirited spirit behind the bar. The bartenders are like mad scientists concocting a symphony of flavors in every glass. From the classics to avant-garde creations, each sip is an adventure in taste that will leave your palate doing a happy jig.

The Mailman‘s Arms doesn’t just stop at drinks and eats; it’s a hub of live entertainment and offbeat events that keep the energy pulsating. From trivia nights that test your knowledge of the bizarre to impromptu karaoke sessions that transform the place into a stage for your inner rockstar, there’s always something happening to keep you on your toes. Check out our Whats on section.

And let’s not forget the patrons— a diverse community of locals and wanderers who come together under the quirky roof of The Mailman’s.  Strike up a conversation with the person next to you, and you might find yourself swapping stories that could rival the most eccentric novels.

So, if you’re seeking a pub experience that goes beyond the ordinary, where every corner hides a delightful surprise and the air is infused with an infectious sense of fun, look no further than The Mailman’s Arms in Lyndhurst, Hampshire. Because here, every visit is not just a pub outing; it’s a rendezvous with the extraordinary! Cheers to quirkiness, merriment, and the unforgettable moments waiting to be discovered at The Mailman’s Arms!

Don’t forget our Dog House (Link to page) where you can enjoy a game of pool, play table football or a game of darts. Designed for everyone to have fun and enjoy the games. We didn’t mention our 120” projector to watch all major sporting events.


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